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This rugged, compact stump grinder is an ideal machine for tree services, municipalities and rental companies looking for a dependable, self-propelled grinder with ultimate maneuverability

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Compact and easy-to-tow. This 6" capacity disc-style chipper is popular with homeowners, landscape companies and commercial customers alike. The Model 65XP will easily keep two people busy feeding it. This is the most popular model with rental stores and is a great entry level chipper for your fleet

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APT's Model 121 Mini-Needle Scaler is a lighter weight version of our 307 Needle Scaler. The Mini-Scaler easily cleans irregular surfaces and also removes rust, paint and other coatings from metal. This tool is also versatile enough to peen welded joints, remove slag, as well as cleans castings, chip stone, concrete and brick

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